Prayer intentions

Prayer intentions for July 2020

1Henry, John and Henry Venn the Younger, Priests, Evangelical Divines, 1797, 1813 and 1873North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba (West Indies) Rt Revd L. Errol Brooks;  Attooch (South Sudan) Rt Revd Moses Anur AyomOur police force
2 North Karamoja (Uganda) Rt Revd James Nasak;  Auckland (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia) Rt Revd Ross Bay; Magwi (South Sudan) Rt Revd Ogeno Charles OpokaTeachers, parents and pupils
3Thomas the ApostleNorth Kigezi (Uganda) Rt Revd Benon Magezi;  Aweil (South Sudan) Rt Revd Abraham Yel NhialOur hospital chaplains
4 North Mbale (Uganda) Rt Revd Samuel Gidudu;  Awerial (South Sudan) Rt Revd David Akau Kuol Mayom;  Kadugli & Nuba Mountains (Sudan) Rt Revd Andudu Adam ElnailOur PCCs and sub-committees
5The Fourth Sunday after Trinity (Proper 9)Pray for the United Church of Pakistan, Most Revd Humphrey Peters, Bishop of Peshawar & Moderator of the Church of PakistanOur benefice
6Thomas More, Scholar, and John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, Reformation Martyrs, 1535North Queensland (Australia) Rt Revd Keith Ronald Joseph;  Awgu/Aninri (Nigeria) Rt Revd Emmaunuel Ugwu;  Kaduna (Nigeria) Rt Revd Timothy YahayaOur Vicar, The Revd Becky Bevan and Phillip
7 North West Australia, Rt Revd Gary Nelson;  Awka (Nigeria) Rt Revd Alexander Ibezim;  Kafanchan (Nigeria) Rt Revd Marcus DogoOur armed forces
8 Northern Argentina (South America) Rt Revd Nicholas James Quested Drayson;  Awori (Nigeria) Rt Revd J Akin AtereOur end of life care
9 Northern California (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Barry Beiser;  Badagry (Nigeria) Rt Revd Joseph Adeyemi;  Ballarat (Australia) Rt Revd Garry WeatherillThe easing of lockdown and its opportunities
10 Northern India (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Douglas Sparks;  Bangor (Wales) Rt Revd Andrew JohnCountries struggling to contain Covid-19
11Benedicta of Nursia, Abbot of Monte Cassino, Father of Western Monasticism, c. 550Northern Luzon (Philippines) Rt Revd Hilary Ayban Pasikan;  Banks & Torres (Melanesia) Rt Revd Alfred Patterson Worek;  Kagera (Tanzania) Rt Revd Darlington BendankehaOur PCC Treasurers
12The Fifth Sunday after Trinity (Proper 10)Pray for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, Most Revd Allan Migi, Archbishop of Papua New GuineaOur diocese
13 Kajiado (Kenya) Rt Revd Gadiel Katanga Lenini;  Kajo-Keji (South Sudan) Rt Revd Emmanuel Murye Modi;  Kamango (Congo) Rt Revd Sabiti Tibafa DanielOur Associate Vicar, The Revd Gary Collins and family
14John Keble, Priest, Tractarian, Poet, 1866Northern Malawi (Central Africa) Rt Revd Fanuel Emmanuel Magangani;  Barbados (West Indies) Michael Maxwell;  Kampala (Uganda) Most Revd Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba (Primate)Prophets, monks and mystics in ordinary life
15Swithun, Bishop of Winchester, c. 862Northern Mexico, Most Revd Francisco Moreno (Primate);  Bari (Nigeria) Rt Revd Idris ZubairuOur cathedrals, churches and their upkeep
16Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury, 1099Northern Michigan (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Rayford Ray;  Barisal (Bangladesh) Rt Revd Shourabh Pholia;  Barrackpore (North India) Rt Revd Paritosh CanningOur scientists, researchers and medical advisers
17 Northern Philippines, Rt Revd Brent Alawas;  Bath & Wells (England) Rt Revd Peter HancockThose waiting for operations and/or treatments
18Elizabeth Ferard, first deaconess of the Church of England, Founder of the Community of St Andrew, 1883Northern Territory (Australia) Rt Revd Dr Greg Anderson;  Bathhurst (Australia) Rt Revd Mark Calder;  Kano (Nigeria) Rt Revd Zakka NyamOur hall users and their safety
19The Sixth Sunday after Trinity (Proper 11)Pray for the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, Most Revd Joel Atiwag Pachao, Prime Bishop of the PhilippinesThe Anglican Communion
20Margaret of Antioch, Martyr, 4th century, Bartolomé de la Casas, Apostle to the Indies, 1566Northern Uganda, Rt Revd Johnson Gakumba;  Bauchi (Nigeria) Rt Revd Musa Tula;  Kansas (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Cathleen BascomOur Associate Priest, The Revd Terry Winrow and Kathy
21 Northern Zambia (Central Africa) Most Revd Albert Chama (Primate);  Belize (West Indies) Rt Revd Philip Wright;  Kanyakumari (South India) Rt Revd Dr A R ChelliahOur hospitals, surgeries, dentists, care homes and hospices
22Mary MagdaleneNorthwest Ankole (Uganda) Rt Revd Amos Magezi;  Bendigo (Australia) Rt Revd Matt BrainOur confessors, spiritual directors, mentors and companions
23Bridget of Sweden, Abbess of Vadstena, 1373Northwest Texas (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Scott Mayer;  Benin (Nigeria) Rt Revd Peter Imasuen (Diocesan Bishop);  Bermuda, Rt Revd Nicholas DillThe EU and our relationship with them
24 Northwestern Pennsylvania (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Sean Rowe;  Bethlehem (Episcopal Church) Rt Revd Kevin NicholsCountries experiencing the effects of war together with Covid-19
25James the ApostleNorwich (England) Rt Revd Graham James;  Bhopal (North India) Rt Revd Manoj Charan;  Kapoeta (South Sudan) Rt Revd Isaac Deu Choi (Diocesan Bishop)Our churchwardens
26The Seventh Sunday after Trinity (Proper 12)Pray for the team responsible for preparing the Lambeth Conference, which was due to be taking place now – pray for them as they consider the implications of its postponement in the light of Covid-19 pandemicThose who live in the parish of St John the Evangelist
27Brooke Foss Westcott, Bishop of Durham, Teacher, 1901Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island (Canada) Most Revd Ronald Wayne Cutler;  Bida (Nigeria) Rt Revd Jonah Kolo;  Karachi (Pakistan) Rt Revd Sadiq DanielOur Curate, The Revd Julie Howell
28 Nsukka (Nigeria) Rt Revd Aloysius Agbo;  Biharamulo (Tanzania) Rt Revd Yusuph Vithalis;  Karamoja (Uganda) Rt Revd Joseph AburaThose in prison and their rehabilitation
29Mary, Martha and Lazarus, Companions of Our LordNyahururu (Kenya) Rt Revd Stephen Kabora;  Birmingham (England) Rt Revd David Andrew UrquhartCarers and Social Workers in the community
30William Wilberforce, Social Reformer, Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson, Anti-Slavery Compaigners, 1833, 1797 and 1846Nzara (South Sudan) Rt Revd Richard Bbikoyesu Aquilla;  Blackburn (England) Rt Revd Julian Tudor Henderson;  Bo (Sierra Leone) (West Africa) Rt Revd Solomon Leonard Scott-MangaEqual opportunities for all
31Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus, 1556Missionary District of Oeste-Brazil (Brazil) Most Revd Naudal Alves Gomes (Primate);  Boga (Congo) Rt Revd Mugenyi William Bahemuka;  Port Elizabeth (Southern Africa) Rt Revd Edward Ronald DanielsOur Associate Priest, The Revd Canon Trevor Maines and all our retired clergy