Picture Gallery – Ascension & Pentecost

These two vivid moments in the churches calendar are rich with symbol and imagination…
We’re inviting everyone to create images, artworks, sculptures, etc and add them to this latest gallery. Be as creative and interpretive as you like!

If you want a reminder of the stories.. here they are;



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Reuben’s Ascension craft.

To see your glory
is like waking from sleep
to find all the world’s sunsets
rolled into one great symphony of joy.
It’s sensing a weight lifted and feeling
loving arms reach out to whirl you
into the heart of an everlasting dance.
It’s like peeping out from behind the sofa
to discover that the bogeyman has gone,
term has ended,
and nothing will ever be the same again.
Jane Sigrist – St Beunos, December 2018
The heavens are telling the glory of God (Psalm 19)

Helena Herd’s rather lovely photo-montage, ‘The photos are all taken during ‘lockdown’ either my own showing the community working together and people coping with life in lockdown or pictures taken from our churches working for the community and bringing the love of God’s kingdom in a real practical way to south Newbury during lockdown.’
(click on the image, and click again, to enlarge to full size)