Greening St Johns

Climate Change is not simply a future fear, but is dramatically affecting the lives of so many living on earth today; creatures, plants and humans. Movements like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Extinction Rebellion are prompting us all, especially our leaders in politics and industry, to change the direction we are headed in, the stakes could not be higher. We are all wound together, united in the delicate balance of life, and so, we trust, is God.

Creation Season gives us the resources and space to give thanks and to lament, to reflect and to ‘turn around’ (metanoia). In this time we may ask deep questions; and from the perspective of all creatures, forests and oceans we may even enlarge our understanding of God and our neighbours.

Let us tread gently together; with creativity, imagination and care – living and loving for Life

Our Benefice Churches have been thinking about Climate Change for a long time.
St George the Martyr famously undertook a huge project some 10 years ago to become the first carbon-neutral church in the UK. In the end someone else beat us to it – but you can read about the completion of this multi-faceted project here

Greening St John’s is a new venture at ‘the other end’ of the Benefice.

Our desire & hope is to;

  • Raise awareness on issues of ecology and climate change.
  • Lead and inspire on ecological projects; both large and small.
  • Encourage practical action at home, in church,
      and in partnership with our community.
  • Foster a spiritual contribution to environmental matters.
  • Celebrate the gift of the Earth within our parish.

St John’s Prayer for Creation

Holy God, Holy and Immortal,
Your life is poured out in all things;
from the silver crests of waves crashing upon a shore,
to the verdant melody of the forests.
From the majesty of mountains, to the simple soil beneath our feet.
From the smallest atoms to vast galaxies.
All of this earth is poised—pregnant to bring forth life,
Yet we crucify again by our indifference.
Help us to treasure this gift, our home, our future.
Help us to treat this planet and all her creatures with reverence and awe,
Help us to be stewards not exploiters.
By the inspiration of your divine Spirit,
help us to be humble, hopeful, and insistent for our future.

Useful Links

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Local Links
St Nicolas Climate Group
Growing Newbury Green
West Berkshire Climate Action Group (Facebook)

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