The Church of St John the Evangelist is part of a benefice with St George the Martyr, Wash Common.
Both churches seek to explore a Realistic Christianity – honest to God and honest to now. We are open, welcoming and inclusive and wish to explore the depths of our faith and tradition.

St John’s Church worships in a modern anglo-catholic style, and seeks to serve everyone in our parish. All are welcome.

  • The Canticle of the Sun. St Francis

    The Canticle of the Sun, also known as Laudes Creaturarum (Praise of the Creatures) and Canticle of the Creatures, is a religious song composed by Saint Francis of Assisi.

  • The Skylight

    by Seamus Heaney You were the one for skylights. I opposedCutting into the seasoned tongue-and-grooveOf pitch pine. I liked it low and closed,Its claustrophobic, nest-up-in-the-roofEffect. I liked the snuff-dry feeling,The perfect, trunk-lid fit of the old ceiling.Under there,… Read More

  • ‘Rublev’ – A poem for Trinity Sunday

    By Rowan Williamstaken from After Silent Centuries, published by The Perpetua Press, Oxford, in 1994 Rublev One day, God walked in, pale from the grey steppe,slit-eyed against the wind, and stopped,said, Colour me, breathe your blood into my… Read More

  • The Fountain

    Amid the fear and anxiety of Coronavirus, we have seen some profound kindness and acts of generosity amongst our neighbours and throughout society. These times can reveal the best of us.This poem by Denise Levertov seems to point… Read More

  • The Peace of Wild Things

    When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be, I go and lie down where the wood… Read More

Some tools and resources to help nurture our spirituality when we cannot gather together.

Reflection and Ideas

Reflections for our times.

Poetry for Reflection

A selection of favourite Poems to inspire and enrich.