Farewell to the Grants

On Sunday 11th July we said a sad farewell to Clive and Melanie who were leaving St George’s as they move away from the area. Clive has been playing the organ at the church for more than 40… Read More

Advent Encounters

2020 Advent Encounters – three reflections for small groups and individuals Introduction Advent, like Lent, is a time of waiting – but not waiting like we might wait for a bus, but more like waiting at a table,… Read More

St George’s Church APCM

7.30pm on Tuesday, 20 October in St George’s Church and on Zoom. Please click on the links to access documentation relating to St George’s APCM: 2018 APCM Minutes (to be approved on 20/10/2020) 2019 APCM Agenda 2019 Annual Report… Read More

Foodbank donations

Thank you to all who continue to support our local Foodbank. The need is still growing, as is the response from our community. So far in lockdown, the St George’s collection point has provided 614kg of food donations,… Read More

VE Day – 75th Anniversary of the end of the war in Europe

Sadly our churches cannot gather this day to remember VE Day. It is a poignant reminder of a country – indeed a whole continent and world – that was weary and exhausted from a time of prolonged disruption… Read More

Christian Aid Week 2020

10-16th May 2020 No doubt we are all very aware that we will not be collecting this year in Christian Aid Week and that this will mean a huge drop in income.  I think you will know that… Read More

Lost and Found

There are some familiar stories that Jesus told about losing something and then finding them. There is the shepherd with a hundred sheep who leaves the ninety nine to go and find the one that is lost, or… Read More

Musings for May

Written On the 1st of May “So here hath been dawning another blue day, think wilt thou let it slip useless away” These two lines, which form the beginning of a hymn that was a favourite of my… Read More

Forty years, Not Forty Days

Posted recently on this website is a piece entitled, What Sort of 40 Days? written by Rev. Rita Ball. Rita begins by talking about the number 40 and how she was told as a child it might not… Read More