The Church Forests of Ethiopia, a parable.

This film by Jeremy Seifert is simply stunning. A moving image of a church holding something together for the whole of creation, whilst literally everything surrounding it is scraped away.

Pentecost & Ascension Images – calling all artists.

In preparation for Ascension and Pentecost we’re inviting people to send in to the latest gallery images that fit the vivid themes and imagery …Be as creative and interpretive as you like. Images require approval, so they are… Read More

Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Ascension Day to Pentecost ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is an initiative which has inspired people over the last five years to pray specifically in the 10 days between Ascension and Pentecost.

Make a Palm Cross

With Palm Sunday coming soon we’re inviting everyone to make a Palm Cross and display it in a front window or on your front door. We want to be able to share these in an online gallery. So… Read More

Lighting a Candle

Our house on the Andover Road is built back to front, which means the kitchen is on the front of the house facing the main road.  Every day there is a steady stream of passers-by, not the school… Read More