APCM – St John’s Church

Our Annual Meeting is to be held on 19th November 2020 at 7.00pm.With new lockdown measures this will be held on Zoom.Details will be given before the meeting. Documents for the APCM Below you will find links to… Read More

Memorial Service at St John’s 4pm

If you are joining the 4pm service at St John’s Church, then the Service Sheet can be downloaded here.

Revd Julie’s ordination as a Priest

We are all so pleased to see our curate, Revd Julie Howell, be ordained as Priest this weekend. As you will understand, both the Ordination and her first presiding at the Eucharist are both subject to covid restrictions…. Read More

Conversations along the way… By the lakeside with Jesus

Beginning from 13 July for 3 weeks, we are offering the opportunity to join a small group  of 3 – 6 people to share three bible stories and accompanying paintings (all encounters with Jesus at Lake Galilee) to… Read More

Opening our Churches after Lockdown

As the spread of Covid 19 is subsiding and Government lockdown rules are easing, we have been able to slowly open the doors of our two churches.Neither church is able to ‘go back to normal’. There are many… Read More

Vox Defecti

As you will have heard in the last few weeks, members of the choirs of St George and St John’s have worked together – via the miracle of the internet – and created entire choral pieces. Whilst most… Read More

Make a Palm Cross

With Palm Sunday coming soon we’re inviting everyone to make a Palm Cross and display it in a front window or on your front door. We want to be able to share these in an online gallery. So… Read More

Prayer Flowers for the Easter Garden

Prayer flowers for the Easter garden Undeterred by the church being closed the St George’s Easter garden is under construction in Mary Bishop’s garden. This year with everyone holed up at home we are offering the opportunity to… Read More

Calling all Crafters…

(OR NON CRAFTERS!!!!!) Have you got any half finished projects put away? Or are your cupboards crammed with spare crafting materials? Now’s the time to put your crafting skills to good use. Or maybe it’s time to try… Read More