The Monday Meet take on the heat

The latest Monday Meet event took place on 18 July, with a select band of intrepid travellers gathering at St George’s Church for the annual ‘Three Pubs Walk’.  Numbers this year were greatly diminished due to the exceedingly clement weather, the mercury at the time of departure bubbling away at 37ºC.  The first leg, across Sandleford’s scorched grasses, saw us arrive at The Swan in Newtown, where drinks were taken in the generous shade of the pub’s garden.  The longest stretch of the walk, between The Swan and The Woodpecker, provided considerable shelter from the sun, as we strolled along gloriously wooded paths that were new to a few in the group.  After two ‘away’ fixtures, we returned to our home turf of The Bowler’s Arms, where we were greeted by hordes of supporters, whose preference for the air-conditioned luxury of the new pavilion was wholly justified.  Despite the heat, it was a pleasant evening, communing with friends, savouring company, and supporting local hostelries.  The Monday Meet usually has a hiatus during August given the proliferation of holidays, however, should anyone wish to explore the route for the first time (or reprise it for a second), we will be strolling the trail again on Monday, 15 August 2022.

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