St George’s FREE Holiday Club 25-27 July

Welcome to the fun-filled Curiosity Chasers Holiday Club!

It will be really cool to see you on Monday 25th July! Your exciting adventure begins when you seek out your Curiosity Cabin fully chilled to check out the amazing fun of discovery.

Practice those chuckle muscles and blow out those cheeky cheeks! Let’s be amazed!

You will learn about making good choices and bad choices, cool wise dudes and dodgy dumb dudes, funky feasts and pigs … Pigs? Er, yes, pigs!

There’ll be no shrugging but jitterbugging with the ‘Cheery Chums’. But beware the Crashing Cliffhanger’ …… that drops you like a dripping dollop!

How do we fit all this jive into just 3 days! Get ready to boogie woogie! This will blow your mind. It’s full of JubblyBubblousnous!

Holiday Club is open to School Years 2 – 6.

Email or call the Church Office on 01635 41249.

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