Conversations along the way… By the lakeside with Jesus

In July 2020, for 3 weeks, we offered the opportunity to join a small group  of 3 – 6 people to share three bible stories and accompanying paintings (all encounters with Jesus at Lake Galilee) to reflect on where we find ourselves as individuals and the church at this time. There are no right answers to be found, and the material is designed simply to be a jumping off point for conversations to be had. The hope is that we can simply enjoy the opportunity for a relaxed conversation with fellow pilgrims.

Over the three sessions we gathered with the disciples and Jesus at Lake Galilee – also known as the Lake of Gennesaret or Lake Tiberius.  Galilee is home for the disciples and Jesus – it is the place they leave to follow ‘on the way,’ and it is where they are united once again after the trauma of Jesus’ crucifixion. In a profound sense the stories form a circle of leaving and arriving – a journey of orientation, disorientation, and reorientation.

The approach is based on the ancient practice of ‘lectio divina’ (holy reading) where the aim is not to understand the meaning of the text but to listen to the Scriptures for God’s word to us. So, the question is not, what does this passage mean, but rather what is its meaning to me, right now, in this moment. It is therefore more like prayer than Bible study. Alongside the Bible passages paintings are offered as an aid to further reflection and, following Ignatian spiritual practice, to invite us to place ourselves in the story. 

All the material for the course can be found here.

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