Christian Aid Week 2020

10-16th May 2020

No doubt we are all very aware that we will not be collecting this year in Christian Aid Week and that this will mean a huge drop in income.  I think you will know that Christian Aid’s income has already substantially dropped and big savings have had to be made, including laying off many staff in this country.  I’m sure we are keen to try and prevent Christian Aid having to cut back too much on their overseas work. So I hope you will feel it’s worth drawing the attention of members of our various churches to Christian Aid Week despite our usual activities not taking place. Your church may have a website you may be allowed to put material on or perhaps you have a notice sheet which is still being distributed.

The focus of the week is a project to build earth dams in Eastern Kenya where 3 million people are facing starvation because of drought. Here is a link to a 3 minute video vividly illustrating the difference a dam can make to the lives of village women, like Florence, currently walking many miles daily to collect water.

We also want to mention Christian Aid’s work during the Covid emergency to help Rohingha refugees in camps in Bangladesh stay safe and to support the huge numbers of displaced people in Nigeria who are at risk.

On the Resources site there are prayers and a suggested order of service worship leaders might like to use.

Revd Trevor Maines
Chairman of the Newbury Fund Raising Group

A Newbury teenage Christian Aid supporter has prepared and put online a musical presentation. This is now available at the beginning of Christian Aid Week. It will be free to view, but viewers are invited to make a donation to Christian Aid through the Just Giving Link below.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you are able to make a donation to Christian Aid, thank you.

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