Lost and Found

There are some familiar stories that Jesus told about losing something and then finding them. There is the shepherd with a hundred sheep who leaves the ninety nine to go and find the one that is lost, or the widow with ten coins who diligently sweeps the room to find the one that is lost. The parable of the prodigal son is also about a son who lost his way in life and left his family behind. Realising his need of family and what he had lost he returned home. His father tells us that his son was lost, but now he has been found and it was a time to celebrate. In these stories there is much rejoicing in finding that which is lost. I am sure we have all felt the same at some time, maybe even saying, “rejoice with me for that which was lost has been found”.

I was reminded of these stories as I began to reflect on the last seven weeks of lockdown. We seem to have lost so much, but I believe there has also been the opportunity to find a great deal. We can no longer travel however, wherever and whenever we want. But I have found a greater joy in where I am. I see the flowers in the garden and the daily changes that happen instead of walking past without seeing them on my way somewhere. We can no longer gather in church for worship but we have experienced new ways or worshipping together. We have found a greater understanding of our need of one another and being part of a community. There have been opportunities, as we have lost things that have filled our time in the past, to find spaces to be with God and in silence. We can no longer be with our families and friends in person, but have found, not only new ways to be with them via technology, but a greater love and appreciation for all they bring to our lives.

 I know there are many more things we seem to have lost in lock down, we will all have those that are personal to us as individuals as well as those we share. However as we hear of the possibilities of easing lockdown restrictions and another new way of living, what will we do? Will we actively seek for those things we have lost? It maybe that some need to be let go of, no longer needing to be part of our lives. Maybe there are some that need to found again.   Perhaps in some ways our greater need is to focus more on the things we have found. A new appreciation for the good we have seen in people, those who have been prepared to risk their lives for us. Our understanding of the communities that we have in our churches and our need to be fully a part of those communities. A new found appreciation of our families and what they mean to us. A new found acceptance of our need of help from others.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. I hope and pray that life moves on and lock down eases that I may hold fast to that which I have learned. I hope that like the good shepherd, the widow and the prodigal son’s father I may continue to rejoice at that which found. I hope and pray that you will to.

Elizabeth Pook

Image – Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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